100-  Toxic Relationships Part 1

101- Toxic Relationships Part 2

102- Be Courageous

103- Perseverance

104- Prayer for Listeners

105- Pursuing Peace

106- Be a Difference Maker

107- Understanding Anger

108-  Regrets

109- Teens and Family Time

110- Living with Guilt and Shame Part 1

111- Living with Guilt and Shame Part 2

112- I'm Worried Part 1

113- I'm Worried Part 2

114- I'm Worried Part 3

115- Resurrection  Power

116- Guard Your Heart

117- When you have been betrayed

118- Blanca Ramirez Testimony Part 1

119- Blanca Ramirez Testimony Part 2

120- Insecurity with Lisa Worley

121- Facing your Giants with Marti Martin

122- From Hindu to Christian with Mala Brough

123- Boundaries with Heather Cawthon

124- Teens and Social Media with Heather Cawthon

125- Sexual Abuse with Heather Cawthon

126- Domestic Violence with Dianne Samoff Part 1

127- Domestic Violence with Dianne and Rodger Samoff

128- Domestic Violence with June Hunt

129- Being a Caretaker with Suellen Roberts

130- Being a Life Giving Mom with Sue Detweiller

131- Living with A Mentally Ill Mom Testimony with Lisa Worley

132- Prayers Bear Fruit with Kathy R Green

133- Being a successful Communicator

134- Family Rest with Isaac Torres

135-  Forgiveness and Trust

136-  Inner Healing with Jack Scheffield and Robert Morris

137- Spiritual Abuse with Jack Scheffield and Robert Morris

138- Financial Restoration Testimony with Michael and Kimberly Smith

139- Testimony with Letty Camrillo

140- Testimony with  Linda Jackson-Sutton

141- Testimony with Jennifer Kennedy Dean

142-  Testimony of Life Thru Divorce with Beth Maranville

143-  Being a Difference Maker

144- Feeding the children with Linda Caster

145-  When You Live with a Spouse Suffering from Depression with Matt Drumm

146- Dealing with Fear with Paul Borough

147- Spiritual Rest

148- Obedience with Suellen Roberts

149- Conflict Resolution with Marci Ayers

150- Prayer for Those with Anxiety

151 - Enough is Enough

152 - Chosen by God

​153 - Carry Your Cross with Christine

​154 - What Are You Thinking About

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